Utility news : What is the gas cylinder color code? Why only the red color of the domestic cylinder?


Gas cylinders used for different purposes around the world are of different colors. Gas color codes are used for these. So that in case of an emergency, experts can decide immediately to avoid fire or leakage by asking for the color code of the cylinder.

LPG cylinders used at home are red. The red color is seen as a danger sign so caution should be taken while using it. Whereas, the white-colored long cylinder is of oxygen gas. It is generally used in hospitals.

However, in the US, oxygen comes in green cylinders. If black-colored gas cylinders are seen somewhere, then you should understand that it is a cylinders of nitrogen gas. At the same time, carbon dioxide gas is filled in the gray-colored cylinder. Whereas helium gas remains in the brown cylinder.

Whereas, the sky blue colored cylinder is used for nitrous oxide gas. Not only this, but commercial cylinders of LPG gas are also available in dark blue colors in India. These are used in shops and hotels.