Utility: The UP government has launched a new scheme, new owners will be able to register property in any sub-registrar office!


Any registry office of the district can now register a piece of land. After the experiment at the divisional headquarters proves successful, the government will implement this experiment at the district headquarters.

The use of the Stamp and Registration Department at the divisional headquarters started on 12 September. It was decided that any registration office within the divisional headquarters can be used for land registration. For example, if one sub-office registrar is crowded, you can get your property registered at another sub-registrar's office even if your property is not in their neighborhood.


According to Ravindra Jaiswal, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Stamp and Registration, who denied the scam claim, soon the district headquarters would also adopt this technique. This is what the department is currently focusing on.

Check Waiting List: Visit www.igrsup.gov.in to register. After providing all the required information, the registry time will be allotted. It will mention the registry office along with the time and date. You can see where and how much waiting is required. You will get time in the office where there is less waiting.


Note- To guarantee the transfer of a clear title to the owner, all transactions involving the sale of immovable property must be registered in India. To legally register the sale deed at the sub-registrar's office, registration of the property requires the preparation of the necessary paperwork and payment of the required stamp duty registration fee. Property transfer and registration in Uttar Pradesh are handled by the Stamp and Registration Department.