Utility: Save your gas like this... these kitchen tips will come in handy during inflationary times


But we have brought some such tips for you which will help you while using gas.

Let's learn these tricks

Do not cook directly from the fridge

Many women have a habit that they take milk or vegetables straight from the freezer and do not keep items directly on the gas. Take the food out of the fridge at least 1-2 hours before.

This means that if the food is not in a hurry, then definitely serve it at room temperature. Because this will reduce the consumption of gas and your food will be cooked easily.


Use nonstick utensils

You can use a non stick pan to save gas. It consumes less gas or cooks food faster. Apart from this, it also consumes less oil, which also saves oil. Cooking in a nonstick pan will cook the food completely and will not burn the food. This will also save your cylinder.

Cook food in a dry pot

Because cooking in a wet vessel costs more gas. So if you are making anything, first of all, dry the utensils. Then prepare food. With this, you will be able to save cooking gas.

Cook food in a pressure cooker

Be sure to use a pressure cooker for cooking. Boiling pulses, meat, chicken, and many vegetables require more gas, so always use a pressure cooker to cook such vegetables or meat.

If you have a microwave, partially cook meat or chicken in it. Because meat or chicken cooks quickly in the microwave.