Utility News: The roof of the house can also be given to you by earning money, you will have to do this work


You may find something strange to hear but it is true. How would you feel if the roof of your house started earning you money? Yes, you can earn and save money from the roof of your house. You do not need to do much for this. If the roof of your house is also lying vacant, then you can also earn money in this way.

Earn by installing hoardings

If your house is on the main road, then you can get hoardings installed on your roof. Through this, the marketing of the person who put up the hoardings will be done and you will continue to get his money.

Can get mobile tower installed

You can get mobile company's tower installed on the roof of your house. In return, the tower installation companies pay you a lot of money.

Earn from solar

You can also get solar plant installed. This not only produces electricity, but also gives you relief from paying bills.