Utility News: If you want to keep the house warm in winter and not pay the electricity bill, bring home this device


It is winter season and there are children and old people in the house. In such a situation, you would also like that your house should also be warm in this winter season.

In such a situation, you buy a heater from the market and install it in the house, and then you have to pay the electricity bill. But today we are telling you about such a device which will not only keep your house warm but also you will not have to pay the bill.

Yes, if you also want to install a heater in your house, then you can install Greylife's PTC room heater. Because it runs without electricity. You can also buy this heater online.

The specialty of the heater is that it runs on being charged by the solar heater. In such a situation, now you will not have any tension of electricity bill and you can comfortably keep your house warm in this winter season.