Utility News: If you do not do this by March 31, 2023, then your PAN card will become junk


If you have not yet linked the Permanent Account Number (PAN Card) with your Aadhaar Card, then definitely get it linked by March 31, 2023. If you do not do this, your PAN card will be converted into junk.

According to the Income Tax Department, if the PAN card is not linked to Aadhaar by March 31, 2023, it will become invalid and all transactions with its help will be barred.

Those who have already linked their PAN card with their Aadhaar card will not face any kind of problem.


A warning has also been given in this regard by the Income Tax Department. However, people living in Assam, Jammu-Kashmir, and Meghalaya, people above 80 years of age have been exempted in this regard.