Utility News : Bike ambulances will take patients from remote villages to the hospital


Better arrangements are being made in every state to improve health facilities. Every government's emphasis is on providing ambulances immediately to take patients to the hospital. However, there are many such villages in the country, where there is a lack of roads. Ambulances cannot reach there due to a lack of connectivity.

To overcome this problem, a bike ambulance facility has been started for remote villages of Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district. Project officer Shubham Gupta says that there are 122 villages in Bhamragarh, Gadchiroli, where there is a connectivity problem during monsoon. That's why we have started the facility of bike ambulance.

This ambulance is fitted with a stretcher so that patients can reach the city's hospitals comfortably and get better treatment. Medical Officer Dr. Bhushan Chowdhary says that drivers have been appointed for bike ambulances who are working closely with ASHA workers.