Utility: Know how you can easily check and pay your electricity bill online!


Electricity bill is one of the main expenses which needs to be monitored every month. While the cost of electricity is directly related to how much you use it, there are regional variations due to the different rates charged by electricity providers.

The unit of electricity used, the amount due, the name and address of the consumer, and other information are usually listed in the monthly electricity bills. It is important to monitor and make payments to your electricity account on time.

To pay the bill on time, you must first know when it was generated and how much it costs.


Some power companies usually send the customer a text message to their registered cellphone number or an email informing them of the bill details.

Depending on the service provider, the notification may also include a direct link to the official website, where you can pay using your debit card, credit card, or net banking.

If you use a digital wallet like Paytm then you can enable notifications for the electricity bill. You will get a notification whenever your electricity bill is generated.


Those who do not use the digital payment service can directly visit the electricity provider's website.

You need to enter your login and password among other information to log in and know about the electricity bill. The bill is also available for download on the Internet for future use.