Utility: If you want a good life after retirement, adopt these strategies from today itself.


It is always wise to start saving early so that you can live well in your old age. If you want to have a comfortable retirement, start using these tips at a young age to ensure that you do not face any problems later in life.


Calculate your needs

When planning for retirement, you must first determine how much money you will need for future expenses. For example, if you are 26 now, everything will cost a lot more when you are 60. Get an accurate estimate of your expected expenses. If you are aware of this, you can make financial adjustments accordingly.


Start saving money from your income now. Your monthly money should be invested wisely. You should start SIP investing from now on. Even at the age of 26, you can make handsome profits through SIP investments. SIP investment lasts between 25 to 30 years. The benefit of compounding will increase with the tenure of the investment. Even 25 to 30 years of investment can make you a millionaire.


50-30-20 rule

Use the 50-30-20 guideline when saving money. This rule states that you should set aside 50% of your income for household expenses. Spend 30 percent of your income on your interests and save 20 percent. According to this rule, if your monthly income is Rs 70,000, you should set aside Rs 35,000 for essential expenses, Rs 21,000 for leisure activities, and Rs 14,000.

Financial Guidance

You can also take the help of a financial advisor to save and invest money. They can help you develop a more effective action plan. This will make it easier for you to manage your retirement portfolio.