Urfi Javed's Blouse Designs: - You will be amazed to see the amazing blouse designs of Urfi Javed


Actress UrfiJaved has emerged as a fashion sensation after coming out of the Bigg Boss reality show. Especially his amazing fashion books are attracting the attention of the people. Urfi is mostly seen in the western look, but even when Urfi wears a saree, she looks amazing because her blouse design is very different. 

Although it is not possible for common women to make such blouse designs for them, you can take some style tips by looking at the blouse designs of Urfi. 

Front Jali Blouse Design 


In this picture, Urfi is wearing a very revealing blouse. In this, there is a Jali (mesh) in the front from the neckline to the bust line. To flaunt her blouse, Urfi also carried the pallu of the saree in cowl style. You can take the idea of ​​carrying the pallu in cowl style from this look of Urfi, this will flaunt your blouse design well. 

Bikini blouse 


In this picture, Urfi's simple sari is made glamorous by her velvet bikini blouse. Bikini blouses are very much in trend, but this blouse of Urfi looks a little too short in length. Of course, you cannot carry this type of blouse, but a velvet blouse is in trend nowadays and you can carry it with anyone. 

Crochet Work Bralette Blouse 


In this picture, Urfi is wearing a bralette blouse top with denim jeans. This blouse is made from crochet work. If the length and style of this blouse were different and it had sleeves, then even ordinary women could carry it. 

You must have seen a lot of back knot blouse designs, but in this picture, Urfi is wearing a front knot blouse. However, the kind of fashionable blouse aka Javed carries, the design of this blouse can be said to be quite simple and sober. If you need a little twist in your blouse design, then you can also try this blouse design. 

Strap blouse design 


Strapped blouses have been in trend for a long time and in this picture, UrfiJaved is also wearing a similar blouse. You can also carry this type of blouse. Obviously, by wearing such a blouse, you can go on a dinner date with your partner or you can also carry such a blouse on a romantic date. 


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