Unhealthy food: Do you keep these things in the fridge? You may suffer loss


In summer, most of the food items are kept in the fridge to avoid spoilage. But some things can harm your health when stored in the fridge. Learn about them…

There are some things to eat and drink, which are considered unhealthy in terms of health to keep in the fridge. We are going to tell you about these things. Learn about them…

Banana: Many times people make the mistake of keeping bananas in the fridge, while this method can prove to be harmful for health. Keeping bananas in the fridge causes them to darken quickly.


Potato: Sometimes people forget to keep potatoes in the fridge in order to become smart. It is said that by storing potatoes in the fridge, the starch present in them starts turning into sugar. Don’t make such a mistake.

Mangoes: Most people keep mangoes in the fridge, though it is believed that it depletes its antioxidants. Mango should be kept outside and after buying it must be kept in water for some time.


Honey: It is not considered good to keep honey rich in health benefits in the refrigerator. According to experts, storing honey in a refrigerator destroys its natural properties. After the temperature change, crystals start forming in honey. Keep it at a normal temperature only.