Under what conditions should you not exercise? (Under Which Conditions You Should Avoid Exercise?)


By exercising daily, our physical and mental development takes place. But there are some health-related conditions i.e. health conditions in which exercise and heavy workouts should not be done. Exercising in these situations can cause harm instead of a benefit to the body. Let us know which are those health conditions, in which exercising has less benefit and more harm.

Fitness trainers believe that of course exercise is necessary to stay fit, but exercise should not be done if there is any kind of problem or problem in the body. Pain or discomfort in the body is a sign that your body is not ready to exercise. Therefore, recognize these signals given by your body and decide whether you have to exercise in that situation or not.

Situation No. 1: Having a fever

If you have a fever, it can be harmful to you to exercise in such a situation, because the body’s immune system is fighting the infection when the fever comes. According to experts, whenever you exercise, the body temperature rises and there is a loss of water in the body, while the body fluid decreases when the fever comes. The body temperature and heart rate increase due to fever. Due to this, you are not able to exercise well. Therefore it is better not to exercise in case of fever.

Situation #2: Feeling tired and weak

If you feel very tired and weak due to an increasing workload or any other reason, then refrain from exercising in such a situation, because exercising requires a lot of energy, whereas when you feel tired and weak, there is enough energy in the body. There is no energy in quantity. Fitness trainers believe that when we are healthy, the energy level in the body increases further when we exercise. Whereas when you feel tired and weak, you do not even feel like exercising. But if you are feeling more tired for more than a week, then instead of exercising, consult a doctor.

Situation No. 3: Pain in the back or leg

Whenever you feel pain in the back and legs, avoid exercising in that condition. Especially women should take special care of this. If there is already a pain in the back and legs, then the pain may increase further with exercise. Fitness experts believe that one should not exercise if there is already a pain in the waist and legs, because stretching and bending the body while exercising can increase the pain further. To avoid such a situation. If the pain persists for a long time, see your doctor immediately.

Situation #4: When there is muscle pain

If you feel muscle pain during exercise, then stop exercising for 2-4 days and take a rest. If you continue to exercise even if there is a pain in the muscles, then it can increase the pain even more.

Situation #5: Lack of sleep

If your sleep is not complete for 1-2 days, then do not exercise at all the next day. To exercise, you need to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep leads to irritability and headache and does not feel like exercising. Even if you are troubled by the problem of insomnia, then exercise should be avoided. Exercising in this situation can increase the stress level.

Situation number 6: having periods

Do not exercise at all during periods. If you want to do it, then do warm-up or light exercise. Or do such exercises, which can relieve the pain of periods. Do not do heavy workouts even during periods. Anyway, the level of hormones in women keeps on changing during this time. For this reason, also they should avoid exercising.

Situation #7: If an old injury is bothering you

If you have already had an injury or have ever had a fracture and it is painful while exercising, then do not exercise at all in that case. Then you should relax until the pain gets better. During this, the pain may increase when working out. If the pain is getting too much, then definitely see the doctor.

Situation No. 8: In case of any kind of surgery

Avoid exercising during any type of surgery. Fitness experts believe that a person’s health is sensitive after surgery and there is a need to be very careful after surgery. Exercising immediately after surgery can harm health and cause pain or swelling at the site of surgery. Therefore, if you have had any kind of surgery, then do not exercise at all until you are fully recovered.

Situation No. 9: When there is a pain in other parts of the body

Apart from the back and leg pain, if there is a pain in other parts of the body, then exercise should not be done. If you exercise despite having pain in other parts of the body, then the problem can increase. In such a situation, apart from exercising, you can also do walking.

Situation number 9: When pregnant

During pregnancy, do not do such exercises, which put pressure on the waist, back, and abdomen. To stay fit in this position, do light exercises. If you want, you can also ask a gynecologist for a safe exercise program. In the event of pregnancy, do swimming, walking, and yoga, but keep taking breaks in between. Do not do heavy workouts or do activities like cycling and horse riding during pregnancy.