Try these tips to prevent motion sickness!


To avoid motion sickness, you should sit in the direction in which the vehicle is moving. To prevent motion sickness, it is better to sit in the front seat of a car, the midpoint of a boat, the front edge of the wing in an airplane, and a window seat in the direction of movement.

If you are suffering from motion sickness then you should avoid reading. Instead, look outside or at distant objects to prevent motion sickness. Apart from this, avoid using phones or laptops as they can cause a sensory disconnect that exists between the eyes and the inner ear.


To prevent motion sickness, you should drink enough water and avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration which can worsen your health condition.

For your information, let us tell you that to prevent the possibility of motion sickness, you should avoid smoking and should not sit near the person who is smoking.

Try to distract yourself during the trip by listening to music or talking to people. It can make your journey pleasant and also prevent vomiting.

Let me tell you, there are many medicines available in the market to prevent motion sickness, which you can consume before traveling. Ask your doctor to prescribe you medicines to treat motion sickness.


You can try some natural remedies to treat motion sickness. You can chew ginger or drink herbal tea to get relief.

It should be noted that motion sickness does not cause serious complications; however, it can make your journey unpleasant. Therefore, when you feel sick it is better to lie down and close your eyes and not look at the seat in front of you. Try to sleep if you can and stay hydrated during your trip. Focus on distant or stationary objects while traveling and avoid reading or working on your mobile or computer screen to prevent motion sickness.