Try these home remedies to make eyelashes thick and beautiful


Castor oil is a very suitable oil for enhancing eyelashes. The reason for this is the fatty acids and vitamin-E present in it, which are very beneficial in hair growth.


Coconut oil increases the growth of hair not only on the head but also under the eyes. If your eyelashes are weak and the growth is also light, then use coconut oil continuously for a few weeks and then see the difference.


Vitamin-E capsules can also increase the growth of eyelashes because vitamin-E contains a tocotrienol compound, which removes the problem of alopecia. Due to alopecia, there is also the loss and thinning of the eyelashes, so because of this vitamin E is necessary.


You can also include green tea in home remedies. Gel made from green tea extract is effective in increasing eyelashes. This makes the eyelashes look thick, long, and beautiful.


Olive oil is also very beneficial in the growth of eyelashes. The reason for this is the oleuropein chemical compound present in it, which is helpful in hair growth.