Try these healthy Tikki recipes in Navratri, there will be no tension of weight gain!


Apart from the attractive outfits in the festive season, the food also doubles the fun of the celebration. Navratri is going to come in a few days and after that big festivals like Karva Chauth, and Dussehra will keep coming. During this, food gives a very good feeling by making tasty foods. People prepare sweets by taking fried foods, but some are not able to enjoy them due to keeping health in mind. By the way, in this festive season, you can save yourself a little from the tension of gaining weight.

We are going to tell you some recipes for Tikki, which you can eat without any worries. Let us tell you that apart from Aloo Tikki, in what ways you can make Tikki of other things?


Rajma Tikki

Have you ever tried Tikki made from Rajma? For this, you need a bowl of kidney beans, mustard oil, one onion (finely chopped), one teaspoon ginger paste, one teaspoon garlic paste, green chili, half teaspoon turmeric powder, one teaspoon chili powder, one teaspoon coriander powder, one One teaspoon cumin powder, आधा teaspoon garam masala, 2 potatoes, Kashmiri red chili powder, green coriander, mint leaves and 3 teaspoons of bread crumbs will be needed.

How to make Rajma Tikki

Soak the rajma for at least 10 hours and then cook them in a pressure cooker for a while. Now separate the water and grind the beans in a blender. Now take a pan and add some oil to it and fry the onion. Mix all the spices and other things in it. Add rajma paste to it and cook. When it cools down, add boiled potatoes to it and give it the shape of Tikki. Now fry the tikkis in a pan and serve it with red or green chutney.


Soya tikkis

Soya is considered to be the best source of protein and you can take care of both health and taste by making its tikkis. For this, you will need soya, white bread crumbs, cauliflower, peas, ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder, mint chutney, amchur powder, cumin powder, turmeric, coriander, and salt.

How to make Soya Tikki

Leave the soybean in hot water for a while and on the other side boil the cabbage and mash it. After mixing these two, add all the ingredients to them and during this time also add bread crumbs to it. After mixing the oil, keep the batter for a while. From now on give the shape of Tikki and heat the oil in the pan and leave it to fry. Keep in mind that you have to shallow fry it. Put green coriander on it and serve with chutney.