Tricky Questions: After touching which tree, a person can die, know the answer to this question


career desk. To get success in the competitive examinations, the candidates work diligently. Every candidate works hard to get success but many candidates are left behind. One of the reasons for this is not being able to get the interview. Various types of questions are asked in the interview to the candidates. We are telling you some general knowledge questions. Which can be beneficial for your preparation. These questions will be useful in your preparation as well as strengthen your general knowledge. Let's know general knowledge and some interesting facts related to it.

Question- Which is the most poisonous plant in the world?

 Answer- Castor plant is called the most poisonous plant in the world. It is said that touching this tree can lead to the death of a person.

Question- Which Indian spy had become a Major in the Pakistan Army?

Answer- Ravindra Kaushik was such a spy who became a Major in the Pakistan Army.


Question: Why is water wet?

Answer- Water contains oxygen and oxygen contains moisture, due to this moisture the water is wet.

Question- Which creature has its heart in its head?

Answer- You will be a little surprised to know that the heart of a lobster is in its head.


Question- What is it that is born in the sea and lives in the house?

Answer- In response to this question, the candidates said- Salt is born in the sea and lives in the house.

Question- Which country does not have news channels?

Answer- Greece is a country where there is not a single news channel.


Question- Which animal can see even with its eyes closed?

Answer- You will be surprised to know that a camel is such a creature that it can see even with its eyes closed.