Travel tips: This village with a population of 300 people is called Sanskrit Village! Click here to know about it


By the way, many languages ​​are spoken in India and this is also the identity of India, it is said that in India the dialect changes every four kilometers. People who speak and learn to exist, earlier books were written in the culture itself, but now the trend has changed.

Such a place exists in India even today, the village which has kept the Sanskrit language and its tradition alive even today, Sanskrit is spoken and taught in this village, it is a very special thing in itself if you are a person who speaks Sanskrit language and Sanskrit language.

If you want to see it, then you go to Mattur village, this village is very special. Mattur village is present in Shimoga, Karnataka, this is the identity of this village, a total of 300 families live in this village, where everyone from children to elders speaks Sanskrit, you will see the brilliance of culture here, this village has kept the Sanskrit language alive. The studies in this school are also done in the Sanskrit language.


Due to speaking Sanskrit, this village is known as Sanskrit Village and this village also has a special identity, people from far and wide come to this village, where people also learn Sanskrit, then the culture of this village is shunned by Sanskrit. Training is given and camps are also organized to teach the language.