Travel tips: These are the smallest countries in the world, know about them!


Today we are telling you about some such countries of the world which are very beautiful even though they are very small. The smallest country in the world is really small. In this article, we will introduce you to these small countries and also tell you about the special things and places to visit here, which will make you feel whether you should go here or not.


Liechtenstein: This country is located between Switzerland and Austria. You can enjoy the river, waterfalls, and mountains. Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world, covering an area of ​​just 160 square kilometers.

Malta: If you only consider Spain and France to be the most beautiful countries in Europe, it is not. Rather add Malta to your list from today. Let us tell you that the tourists coming here say that Malta is no less than a paradise. Apart from getting all the amenities, you also get to see a natural beauty and romantic beaches. This place is also for spending quality time with a partner and you can have fun here with family.


Tuvalu: Tuvalu is not a country but an island country, located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia. There is also a small country in the world whose population is only 12,373. Tuvalu is a country spread over just 26 square kilometers, which is counted among the fourth smallest countries in the world. If you want to explore some different places then Tuvalu is the best for you.

Monaco: Tell me, Monaco is the smallest country in the world! It is as small as your locality. Spread over just 2.02 square kilometers and you can traverse it in just 1 hour. 

But talking about the beauty here, it is second to none. If you go here, you will also get the best casino, zero income tax, and many other facilities.