Travel tips: There is such a village in the world, where people live without clothes!


There are many such places in the world which surprise and disturbs, one of these is such a place where even after having every facility, people here live without clothes, it is a bit strange to think but it is true because in the world there exists a village where people live without clothes despite everything, this is a village in Hertfordshire, UK, where people roam without clothes, although it is very strange to think that it is not so much here. People are poor, but despite everything here, people roam here without clothes.

Let us tell you that the village whose name is Spielplatz, which is very different and like a circuit village, people here roam without clothes and not only old people but children also roam green without clothes, more than 90 years people own Life lived like this, it is said that Macaskey founded this community, he believes that there is no difference between the people living in nature and the people living in the city and the people of the community live without clothes.


People here believe that God has sent them without clothes, then these people also live without clothes, even after having many better facilities in this village, people here prefer to live without clothes.