Travel- You can book IRCTC rooms in Delhi, Mumbai, and Ghaziabad for just Rs 20, know the details!


Indian Railways provides a lot of services to its passengers. Although generally, people do not know about them. For example, do you know that at railway stations like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, you can get a room on rent for just Rs 20-40? No? Then this news is for you.

Many times trains get delayed or canceled due to fog. Those in transit are often harassed. Many are forced to face the elements like cold and heat and rain while waiting for their trains. Sometimes trains get late by more than 7-8 hours due to bad weather. Many people are unable to take a hotel room to protect themselves from the severe cold.


In such a situation, you can spend your time inside the retirement room of Indian Railways. You will be asked to pay a nominal fee of Rs 20 to Rs 40. You can stay here for 48 hours.

However, for this, you must have a confirmed ticket and PNR number.

These rooms can be booked on railway websites inside major stations like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.


To book these rooms, you have to visit RAC ticket holders can also do the same.

Only one room can be booked from one PNR number. Rooms will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

You will be asked for your identification documents after booking.