Travel Tips: You have a good chance to get acquainted with the culture of India, go to these places


You are tired of roaming outside the country and now your mind is trying to roam in the empty country if you want to get acquainted with the culture of your country, then you have a lot of opportunities. In such a situation, without losing this time, you should go for a walk where we are telling you. 


Nagaur Festival

You should go to Nagaur in Rajasthan for this. Nagaur Fest i.e. Nagaur Cattle Fair is known as the biggest cattle fair in the country. It is scheduled to be held from January 27 to 30 this year. In this, you will get to see many things like music, folk dance, and camel racing.


Kutch Rann Festival

Apart from this, you can also go to the Kutch Rann Festival to be held in Kutch, Gujarat. This festival is famous all over India. Thousands of people reach here to see it. The Kutch Rann Festival offers live cultural performances and a chance to relish Kutch cuisine.