Travel Tips: You can also visit these places to enjoy Mumbai with kids!


The other name of Mumbai is Mayanagari and everyone wants to go here. If you also want to go to Mumbai, live here and there, then you can also go for a walk here with your family and take your children too. You will feel great roaming here.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This is also one of the best places in Mumbai. You can go to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park built in the Western Ghats here. According to the information, it is one of the famous tourist spots of Mumbai. You can take a walk and roam here with the children.


Gateway of India

The name Gateway of India comes from the famous places of Mumbai. There is a huge crowd of tourists here. Not only this, even foreign tourists come here to visit. At the same time, photography can also be done with the children at the Gateway of India.