Travel Tips: You can also go to these cultural festivals, children will like it very much


During this season, people are visiting the country and abroad for sightseeing. But if you want to visit India and that too to know about its culture and traditions, then you should visit many such cultural festivals organized every year in the country.

Goa Carnival

If you want to go, then you should prepare to go to the four-day Goa Carnival without wasting time. People from many castes, creeds, colors, religions, and communities participate in this event. The Goa Carnival Fun Fest will start on February 25 this year. People come from abroad to see it. 


Konark Dance Festival

Along with this, you can also go to India's biggest dance festival. Konark Dance Festival is held in Odisha which is very famous all over the world. Many artists from the music and film industry participate in this fest. Not only this, but here you will also get the taste of many types of food.