Travel Tips With Kids: Keep these food items for children while traveling, know here...


Don't forget to keep milk: If your child is very young, then pack milk for the children before going on travel. Consumption of protein-rich milk helps in meeting the nutritional deficiency in the children's bodies. At the same time, you can also keep a breast pump with you to breastfeed the baby. Apart from this, keeping formula milk can be the best option while traveling by public transport.


Carry fruit puree: You can also carry fruit puree to maintain a healthy diet for children during travel. For this, keep some fresh fruits while going on a journey and make a puree by mashing the fruits with the help of a fork when the children feel hungry on the way. Eating this will not only fill the stomach of the children, but the children will also feel healthy and energetic.

Keep Fruit Cake: Including fruit cake in packing can also be the best option while traveling with kids. Fruit cake is healthy as well as very tasty. On the other hand, being soft, children can easily consume fruit cake. Also, you can feed fruit cake to children even if they insist on eating sweets.

Pack Cereals: You can also pack cereals for the kids while traveling. Children especially like chocolate-flavored cereals. In such a situation, by trapping the cereals in the fingers of the children, you can fill their stomachs by giving a healthy diet to the children even while playing.


Dry fruits will be best: For children older than three years of age, the consumption of dry fruits can be best in the journey. In such a situation, by feeding roasted makhana and dry fruits, the stomach of the children will also be filled and the children will be able to enjoy the journey to the fullest.