Travel Tips: Visit these snow-covered valleys now, the fun will come


If you want to go to Uttarakhand and enjoy snowfall and nature along with the mountains there, then this time is the best for you. You can go for a walk here with your family. You will not have to spend much money either. Here you can roam comfortably.

Patal Bhubaneswar is the best place

Uttarakhand is full of pilgrimage sites, people yearn to come to this land. If you come here then you must visit Patal Bhubaneshwar Temple. It is said that Lord Shiva was seated at this place. Shankaracharya had established the Shivling inside this cave.


Visit Sam Devta Temple

You can also choose the temple of Sam Devta to visit. This temple built on the high peak of Gangolihat is considered very sacred. You will consider yourself blessed by going here. It is told that there is a self-manifested Shivling here. In this case, you should go here.