Travel Tips: The rules of Dubai airport are very different, it is strictly forbidden to carry these things here..

Restricted Items At Dubai Airport: If you have travelled on a flight before, then you must know the rules related to the airport. The rules for travelling by flight and airport are the same almost everywhere in the world, but Dubai Airport is quite different in these matters because it is one of the busiest airports in the world. There are many such rules related to flight security checking (Restricted Items At Dubai Airport), which tell how you can travel properly. If you are thinking of going to Dubai, then first check the list of things banned by the airlines, because unknowingly people keep such things with them, which can put them in trouble.
Let us know which rules are necessary to be followed here…
1. some food items cannot be carried at Dubai airport. These things include herbals, tobacco, poppy seeds, poppy seeds, powder, betel leaves, and some herbs. Do not take these things to the airport even by mistake. Carrying these things in flight is also considered a legal offence.
2. You cannot take such bakery items in which linseed seeds have been used to Dubai airport. You cannot take sealed packed canned foods on the flight. These will be stopped during screening.
3. Some electronic items such as portable electronic equipment with non-spillable batteries, batteries, cells, etc. are strictly prohibited to be carried in flight. However, if you are carrying a battery, it must be under IATA provision A67. Under this rule, the voltage should not exceed 12 volts. At the same time, a maximum of 2 additional batteries can be carried.
4. You cannot take with you the needle, the compass of the geometry box or the nail cutter in the beauty kit. These items of yours can go in the check-in baggage, but you cannot carry them with you. Your safety pins on your clothes are also removed.
5. There is a ban on wearing obscene clothes in Dubai. You cannot go wearing revealing clothes. At the same time, it is necessary to talk politely with the flight staff.