Travel Tips: Scariest places in the world Must visit them during the holiday season...


The holiday season is coming. In such a situation, if you are fond of adventurous places, then you can visit these haunted places of the world. These places are so scary that it is strictly forbidden to go there at night. Let's know about those places -


Bhangarh, India
It is one of the haunted places in India. This place is also called the stronghold of ghosts.

Tower of London, England
This place is considered one of the scariest places in the world. This tower is 900 years old.

Doll Island, Mexico
Here is a bunch of dolls hanging on the trees. This is a ghostly doll, seeing as everyone gets scared.


Poveglia Island, Italy
The island is situated between Venice and Lido, which is completely deserted. Here the screams of people can be heard.