Travel Tips: Now you will be able to see the beautiful location of Jaisalmer covered in sand sheet by helicopter, this service will make your tour memorable


If you have plan to travel somewhere this winter season, then you can go to Jaisalmer. Here you will get a chance to know the royal chic of the kings and emperors closely. You can make the Jaisalmer trip memorable with a helicopter ride. 

According to reports, a helicopter joyride has now been started in this district of Rajasthan. Through this, you will be able to see this beautiful location covered in sand sheets from the air. This type of announcement has been made to Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC). 


According to RTDC, this service will be operated by a private company for tourists. This service has been inaugurated by Rajasthan Home Minister Saleh Mohammad and RTDC Chairman Dharmendra Rathore. RTDC Chairman Dharmendra Rathore informed that the helicopter ride will be started from Samadhani in Jaisalmer.