Travel Tips: - Keep these things in mind while planning a trip


Travelling is not easy. A little carelessness can spoil the whole trip. That's why nothing should be ignored while roaming around. Today in this article, we will tell you some such tips related to travel which can be very useful for you. 

Everyone must have a ticket

You might have only heard about flight miss or seen it in movies, but it has happened to me too. My biggest mistake was that I did not keep the ticket with me. Due to this my flight from Goa to Delhi got cancelled. Due to this, my money was doubled. 

Take care of AM-PM

Most people get confused in AM-PM. Whenever you are travelling by flight, take special care of AM-PM. Believe me, because of this you may get cheated of thousands of rupees. 


Find a cheap restaurant

If you want to save money on food during the trip, then you should find a cheap and sustainable restaurant. You will find such restaurants mostly in the streets. Also, if you eat from the same restaurant every day, you can get a discount as well. 


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