Travel Tips: Keep these things in mind while planning a trip during the rainy season!


The weather becomes very pleasant during the monsoon. There is greenery to be seen all around. The fun of seeing beautiful views with hot tea is different. Many people also make plans to travel in this season. If you are planning to travel this season, then keep these important things in mind.


Choose the place wisely - During the rainy season, going to some places should be avoided. During this season, there is a danger of landslides, storms or mountain falls in these places. In such a situation, it is important that you do not include such places in your list while planning to roam in the rain.

Clothes - Wear clothes that dry easily during the rainy season. You can choose between cotton and nylon fabrics. During this, avoid wearing clothes that do not dry for a long time. Wearing wet clothes for a long time can make you sick. Skin rash and itching may occur. Carry warm clothes with you. It is mildly cold during the rainy season.


Waterproof Bag - Keep a waterproof bag with you. Otherwise, your luggage may get wet during the rainy season. After that, you can get into a lot of trouble. Along with this, keep healthy snacks with you. Keep snacks rich in protein and fiber with you, so that if you cannot go out in the rain, then there is no problem with eating and drinking.

Essential Medicines - In the monsoon, it is common to have problems like cold, cold, cough, and viral fever. In such a situation, it is important that you keep the necessary medicines with you. This will not bother you in an emergency. Therefore, while packing, keep in mind that you should keep your essential medicines with you.