Travel Tips: In this museum of Goa, you will see aircraft, rockets, bombs, parachutes, and pilot's dresses, must see once


Goa has different importance in the country according to tourism. People from all over the country visit Goa during the winter season. You can also make a plan to visit Goa during this winter vacation. Here you will get to see many tourist places, which will please your mind.

One of these is India's only Naval Aviation Museum. This museum of Goa is famous all over Asia. Tourists visiting Goa visit it. It is very special for people who are very attached to the security forces.

In this museum, people will get to see seven different types of aircraft, rockets, bombs, parachutes, pilot's dress etc. Seeing this, a new enthusiasm will arise in your mind.


One of the most prominent museums in Asia, this museum is located on Bogmalo Road, Vasco da Gama in Goa. You must also see it once.