Travel Tips: In the budget of buying an iPhone 14, you can control the trip to these places!


* Trip to Sri Lanka :

You can plan a trip to Sri Lanka for the cost of an iPhone 14. Sri Lanka is a country situated on beautiful plains. Which is also a beautiful tourist destination. It is considered very cheap to roam here, if you want, you can complete a 3-day trip to Sri Lanka for one lakh rupees. For this, you book a ticket to Colombo, India. Here you will find food and stay very cheap.

* Indonesia :

You must have also heard from the mouth of most Indian people that if they get a chance to travel immediately, they will plan a trip to Indonesia. It is said that Indian people do not need a visa to go to Indonesia. The Wali located here is a prime tourist location here. You can enjoy a 4-day trip to Indonesia for 80,000 rupees, the food here is also very wonderful.


* Plan a trip to Turkey:

You must have seen videos of many cities in Turkey on social media. Turkey is included in the list of beautiful countries, there are many attractive beaches here. To go here, you can book a flight here from Mumbai or Delhi. One person can complete a trip to Turkey on the budget of an iPhone 14.

* Hong Kong :

It is a very beautiful place to visit. Most Indians like to go on foreign trips, to go here, the fare of one way flight from Jaipur is poor 20,000 rupees. To complete a trip of 3 to 4 days here, you will have to spend about 90,000 rupees. Famous tourist spots located on it Happy Valley and Chang So Island have a different look.