Travel Tips: If you also want to enjoy snowfall, plan to visit these places in Himachal!


* Tosh is also a special place:

If you also want to enjoy the snow during your trip, then for this you can plan a trip to Tosh village in Himachal. Where does Tosh go to Mini Kashmir also, if you want to visit Kashmir, then you can go to this place for this, here you will feel like visiting Kashmir because here you can see snow-capped mountains, lakes, and waterfalls just like Kashmir? Who will meet Here you will get to see snow from the month of November itself. Snow lovers can plan to visit this place.

* Plan to visit Kasol:

Kasol is also a very beautiful place to visit and enjoy the snow. Kasol is a village located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is covered with the high mountains present here and it is very beautiful to see, you can go with your family to roam here, here you will get to see snow in the days of December, there are many places to visit here. 

* Kullu :

Snow lovers can also go to Kullu for sightseeing. People who are fond of snow must visit this place during the winter season. This place is located in Himachal Pradesh and the beauty of this place cannot be overstated. You will get to see snow at this place from the month of November itself and after the snow starts, this place looks no less than a paradise, you can go for a weekend outing here.