Travel Tips: Do explore this place during your trip to Jaipur, otherwise your trip will remain incomplete!


This time you are also planning to travel and this time you have included Jaipur in your travel destination, then during your trip to Jaipur, you must visit Chokhi Dhani located in Jaipur. You can spend quality time visiting this place located in Jaipur with your family and friends. Let us know in detail about the famous place of Jaipur through this article.

* The place named Chowki Dhani located in Jaipur displays the culture and heritage of Rajasthan, winter season is considered the best to visit this place of Rajasthan. If we talk about the ticket for this place, then here it is 700 to 1100 rupees per person and 400 to 700 rupees per child for children. 


* By going to Chokhi Dhani, you will feel like you have come to a village, here you will see cots and you can also enjoy folk songs and folk dances, here you will also be able to watch puppet shows. Apart from this, you can participate in and enjoy many other activities here.

* If you also want to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan during your trip to Jaipur, then Chokhi Dhani is the best place for you. All the famous dishes of Rajasthan are served on the plate found in Chokhi Dhani, which is very delicious in taste.


* During the trip to Jaipur, it is not necessary that you can go to Chokhi Dhani only. Apart from this, there are many other places where there is Chokhi Dhani. You will also find Chokhi Dhani in places like Sonepat and Noida. You can also enjoy Rajasthani culture by visiting these places.