Travel: This hill station is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts


If you want to spend some relaxing moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Charekh Hill Station is waiting for you. This hill station is still away from the sight of tourists because less number of tourists come here. Surrounded by natural beauty, mountains, forests, and greenery, this hill station mesmerizes the tourists. 

The pollution-free environment and cool-cold winds here touch the hearts of the tourists. The sight of distant views from this hill station has its thrill. The setting sun here settles in the hearts of tourists in the evening. For the tourists fond of trekking, this hill station is like 'heaven' due to less crowd. If you have not seen the chart yet, then you can make a tour to visit here immediately. 

If you live in Delhi-NCR and are thinking of visiting Charekh Hill Station, then it is very close to you. Tourists will reach Charekh Hill Station from Delhi-NCR in just 5 hours. This hill station is located just 225 km from Delhi. Tourists can go here by Uttarakhand transport bus or by own vehicle.