Travel: These countries are getting cold at this time, come here to chill


People in India are troubled by the scorching sun and scorching heat at this time, while there are some countries where it is getting cold or such weather is going to come here. Cold weather has knocked in some countries present in the Southern Hemisphere. Let us tell you about some such countries…


Africa: Winter is here in June, July, and August. If you are troubled by the scorching heat in India, then you can visit here.


Peru: You can visit this place from May to September. It is said that in these months the rains reduce here and the season also becomes pleasant. The peak season here starts in June and ends in August. You can go trekking here and visit the Amazon jungles.


Australia: This country may be very famous for chilling amid the weather made due to its beaches, but it can be enjoyed in the cold here. Cold can be felt here from June to August. From swimming to many sports can be enjoyed here.

New Zealand

New Zealand: Full of beautiful places, New Zealand is also known for its winter season in June. Here you can visit many tourist places like the Bay of Islands, Tongariro National Park, and Rotorua.