Travel Recipes Ideas: You can take these selected dishes to eat on travel, note the recipe.


Quick Snack Ideas: We have brought you a list of travel food items, which you must take a look at.

Food To Carry While Traveling: We all like to travel because this is the only time when we can take some time out of our busy lives for ourselves and enjoy ourselves. Just as before traveling, we think about what we should pack or what things we should take with us, so that there is no problem during travel. In the same way, what things should be kept to eat on travel so that your health does not deteriorate and they remain fresh for a long time, is also important. We have brought you a list of travel food items that you must take a look at.


Lemon Mint Juice

  • It is necessary to keep water during travel, but if you want to take any refreshing drink with you, then you can make lemon mint juice for it. To make this, crush mint leaves and mix lemon juice, a little salt, and sugar with water, the juice will be ready.

Good Mouth Taste

  • Many times the test of the mouth gets spoiled while traveling. For this, you must keep fennel, clove, and cardamom together. This will keep the taste of the mouth good.


Dry Snacks

  • If we talk about food, then most such food items should be kept are not spoiled. For this, you can keep Namak Pare, Sev, Namkeen, etc. To make Namak Pare, make the flour crispy and add salt and mangonel to it. Then cut it and deep fry it after heating the oil.

Veg Sandwich

  • Sandwiches are very travel-friendly as they are quick to make. To make it, cut vegetables of your choice and then apply mayonnaise on the bread. Put tomato sauce on it and then keep the vegetables in the middle and cover and bake.