Travel Packing Tips:-Packing in this way for travel, the luggage will feel very light


Are you one of those people who pack 7 days of clothes for a 3-day trip and then don't even wear them? We feel that maybe we will need so many clothes to go somewhere, but it is not possible. In such a situation, it is not easy for us to travel because the bag becomes heavy, now who will carry them? At the same time, there are so many friends like you and us, who walk with absolutely light packing.

Light packing is an art, which not everyone can do. If you want your bag to be lighter the next time you travel, then follow these tips given by us. We are sure that with this your bag will also be light and travel will be good too. 

Make a packing list in advance

Wherever you are going, you make a plan first. Similarly, note down what you have to pack and carry. Make yourself a packing list a few days before your trip and stick to it. Make a list of what clothes, footwear, and essential things and keep those necessary in advance. Add the rest later.

Don't put all your shoes on

You do not need to keep 6-7 shoes and slippers while travelling. You should keep only 3 pieces of footwear in your bag and also keep flip flops in it. You should have a fancy sandals, a pair of shoes and flip flops, which will make your travel easy. Yes, if you plan on trekking, wear them in flight, as they take up a lot of your space.

Don't wear too many clothes


Since we are going to a place where we don't know much about the weather, we pack a lot of clothes. Avoid doing this and pack only limited clothing. Keep more mix and match in your bag. If you manage clothes that you can style and wear, you will be able to create many outfits with less fabric.

Use tech gear

Tech gear is no less than a life saver. Especially if you are going to a cold place, do not pack too many layers of warm clothes. Instead, you should keep things like light tech gear like fleece, windbreaker jacket etc. They are also lightweight and do not take up much space in your bag, so they are very easy to carry. 

Keep Solid Toiletries

Do you buy separate containers for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. or do you keep large bottles of them? By doing this, a lot of space is taken up in your bag and there is no space left for other essential things. Instead, you should keep solid toiletries. Opt for solid shampoo and conditioner, soap bar instead of shower gel, deodorant stick, etc. 

Now you too can make your travel light and happy by trying these tips. 

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