Travel: Click here to know about those beaches of India where nudity is allowed, you will be surprised to know!


There are many places abroad where people can feel free to enjoy such holidays. But it is very surprising that some such places are also present in India. Let us tell you about some nude beaches...


Agatti, Lakshadweep: This beach is also known as Topless Beach in India. A part of this beach is a beautiful view of white sand and sea, where it is allowed to stay without clothes. It is said that not everyone is allowed to go to the beach.

Marari Beach, Kerala: Marari is one such destination in Goa, which is considered a beach fort, which is also known as Nude Beach. The beauty here drives the tourists crazy.

Om Beach, Karnataka: This is a beach that is believed to be home to two freshwater springs. It was named Om Beach because of its shape. It is also an Indian beach where sunbathing can be enjoyed without any hindrance.


Orjan Beach, Goa: For beach fun, Goa is famous not only in India but all over the world. Domestic and foreign tourists gather here. Goa has many attractive beaches, but Ozaran stands out for its nude beaches. Photography and videography are prohibited here, although nude is allowed.