Travel By Pets: How To Travel By Your Pets In The Train, Know All The Rules!


Travel With Pets: If you are also thinking of planning a travel with your pet, then know some rules of Indian Railways. And keep some things in mind while traveling with pets.

Travel With Pets: If you love animals, or have pets, you know how difficult it is to plan a trip with them. Many people leave their pets at hostels or relatives and go away, while many people travel by road instead of train or plane so that pets can also be taken along.

Did you know that the more frustrated you get when you leave them, the more upset pets become? However, if you too often think about traveling with your pet, why not travel by train. Yes, Indian Railways allows the carrying of pets in some coaches. Traveling on your stomach by train is not only safe but also cheap and comfortable.

These rules have to be followed:

  1. Keep in mind that pets are not allowed in AC Sleeper Coach, Second Class Coach, and AC Chair Car Coach. So you are left with only two travel options. Either you book a first-class AC ticket, there are two options in this, 4 seats or 2 seats.
  2. Once your ticket is confirmed, take a copy of your ticket and write an application to the Chief Commercial Officer. With this, you will be given a cabin or coupe only.
  3. It is the pet owner's responsibility to carry the collar and chain for them. Also, keep food and water for them.
  4. Make sure your pet is vaccinated and carry his card. If possible also take your pet's fitness certificate from the vet.
  5. You will get your cabin confirmation about 4 hours before departure time.
  6. Once your cabin or coupe is confirmed, arrive at the station at least 2 hours before departure. Then go to the parcel office and show them your ticket, your pet's fitness certificate, and your vaccination card.
  7. Remember to carry photocopies of all your documents, your ticket, and a photo ID proof. Then, request the relevant authorities to book your pet; Next, they will weigh your pet, after which a parcel fee will be charged.
  8. Don't forget to have food and water for your pet, and a few treats to keep them busy throughout the trip.
  9. Keep in mind that many pets are under some stress during travel, due to which they do not eat or drink anything.
  10. You can rotate them at the stations that come in between. So that they do not litter the inside of the train in front of other passengers.