Travel: Apart from Srinagar, you can enjoy houseboats at these places in India, know!


Tourists often come to Srinagar to enjoy houseboats on Dal Lake. Houseboats are an interesting experience, which people often miss and forget to include on their bucket lists. But let us tell you that apart from Srinagar, you can enjoy houseboats in many other places.


Tarkarli is the only backwater area in Maharashtra. Its best part is that you can enjoy houseboating comfortably here.

You will get a better experience of houseboats from the state of Kerala. You can enjoy a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. This Kerala experience is unique and memorable.

Sundarbans is one of the areas of the natural beauty of Kolkata. Here you can also enjoy a houseboat. While houseboating, the boat passes through mangrove swamps.


Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country. But, do you know that you can also get a chance to enjoy the houseboat in Goa? Yes, Goa too has houseboating options like Srinagar and Kerala.