Toothpaste can brighten not only teeth but also these things, know by clicking!


We use toothpaste to clean our teeth, but apart from polishing teeth, toothpaste can also make many things new by brightening them.


1. Our clothes sometimes get such stains which are very stubborn. Do not go even after washing many times. To deal with them, apply toothpaste to the stained area and wash it.

2. You must have seen a water ring made of glass or a cup on your study table or any other furniture of the house, which is not easily cleaned. Now you can easily wipe it off using toothpaste.

3. All of us must have dropped our mobile phone from our hands at some point or the other, but the problem is not the phone falling, then the scratches lying on it. Now apply toothpaste to that scratch and make it the same as before.


4. We all like to eat delicious and spicy food, but after eating it, the smell of those spices does not go away from our hands. If you do not have a sanitizer, then rub the toothpaste in your hand and wash your hands. The smell will go away from the hands.