Tonsillitis: This condition is very painful and uncomfortable, know its causes and methods of prevention


Tonsillitis Causes Symptoms and Treatment: If you have sore throat or pain, do not ignore this condition. This can be a sign of tonsils. Tonsils are such a physical problem, due to which people have to bear a lot of pain. Tonsils are a type of infection, which can occur due to wrong diet or lack of cleanliness. In this disease, pain or soreness is felt in the throat. Instead of ignoring it as a common cold-cough or cold, one should immediately consult a doctor. The severity of tonsils can be understood from the fact that the infection causes a rash inside the throat and the formation of sores. On the other hand, if the medicine does not provide relief and if the pain persists for a long time, then it can also take the form of cancer in the throat. In such a situation, be careful about tonsils. Knowing the symptoms of tonsils will make it easier to identify it. On the other hand, knowing what are the reasons for tonsils, knowing about it can be prevented from suffering from the disease. Know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures of tonsils in the next slides.


What is tonsils?
According to health experts, tonsils are an important part of the throat which is on both sides of the throat. The function of tonsils is to protect the body from external infection. That is, the tonsils do the job of preventing bacteria from entering the body. However, if there is any kind of infection in the tonsils, the tonsils start growing. Due to which the victim also has difficulty in talking and there is pain in the throat. Children are more affected by tonsil infection.

Symptoms of tonsils
sore throat
There is difficulty in swallowing food.
Pain in the lower part of the ear.
Swelling in the lower part of the jaw.
Feeling of sore throat.
Weakness, fatigue and irritability.
Difficulty in breathing in young children.

Infection in tonsils
The cause of infection in the tonsils is due to the dirt of the mouth and wrong food. Infection in the tonsils is a common cough caused by a cold, through bacteria, and through a throat infection.


Treatment of tonsil infection
If there is an infection of the tonsils, gargle with salt water.
Taking honey mixed with warm water provides relief from tonsils.
Gargling can also be done with ginger water.
Gargling after boiling alum powder in water cures throat infection.

Note: Dr. Rajan Gandhi is highly qualified and experienced General Physician. He has completed his MBBS from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. After this he completed his diploma in CH. Presently he is working as Medical Director and Senior Consultant Physician at Ujala Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital, Kanpur. He is also a life member of IMA (Indian Medical Association). Dr. Rajan Gandhi has an experience of 25 years in this field.