Tomato Flu: Tomato flu increases tension, is catching children below 5 years of age, see symptoms and methods of prevention


Tomato flu has brought new difficulties for parents troubled by the news of rapid spread of infection among children in the fourth wave of corona. It is reported that Kerala has been badly hit by tomato flu amid getting new variants of Corona. Here, hundreds of children suffering from this disease have come to the hospitals for treatment. Children below 5 years of age are facing this problem. At present, complete information about the real causes of this fever is not available, but efforts are continuing to stop it from spreading. However, tomato fever has not yet been confirmed in any other state of the country. The Ministry of Health is continuously monitoring Tomato Fever, Tomato Fever. It is possible that the government will soon issue an advisory regarding this disease. It has been reported that tomato flu mostly affects children under the age of 5. So far, its infection has been found in 80 children here. High alert has also been issued in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka after increasing cases of tomato flu in Kerala. The Health Department is running an awareness campaign to prevent this disease so that this disease does not take a formidable form. Let us know in detail about Tomato Fever and how it can be avoided.


What is Tomato Fever?
Tomato fever is a type of flu that attacks young children. However, the real reasons for this are not known. Many experts are citing dengue or chikungunya as the reason behind this. In this type of flu, rashes appear on the skin of children like tomatoes. That is why it is called tomato fever. Even though this disease is wreaking havoc in Kerala itself, but other states also need to be alert.
never make such mistake
Tomato flu is a contagious disease which is decided by touch, so if there is a person suffering from this disease around you, then keep a distance from him and especially do not allow children to come near the patient. This mistake can cost your child a lot.

Symptoms of Tomato Fever
- high fever
- body pain
- swollen joints
- Tiredness
- Tomato rash
- burning in the mouth
- abdominal cramps
- Vomiting
- Cough
- discoloration of hands
- discoloration of knees
- discoloration of the buttocks


How to avoid Tomato Fever?
-Consult a doctor if the child has symptoms of tomato fever.
-Give fluids to children infected with tomato flu.
-Do not scratch the rashes on the body.
-Keep healthy children away from infected children.
-Take full care of cleanliness outside the house.
-Allow the infected to rest as much as possible.