Tomato Flu: A minor mistake can become the reason for tomato flu, keep yourself safe like this


Tomato Fever Safety: Although Tomato Fever is wreaking havoc only in Kerala right now, the people of the rest of the country also need to be alert, because this disease spreads by touching.

Tomato Flu Prevention: Everyone is surprised by the increase in the cases of Tomato Fever in the Kollam district of the southern state of Kerala, India. Children below 5 years of age are facing this problem. At present, complete information about the real causes of this fever is not available, but efforts are being made to stop it from spreading.

Tomato flu increased tension

The Health Department is running an awareness campaign to prevent this disease so that this disease does not take a formidable form. Let us know in detail about Tomato Fever and how it can be avoided.

What is Tomato Fever?

Tomato fever is a type of flu that attacks young children. However, the real reasons for this are not known. Many experts are citing dengue or chikungunya as the reason behind this. In this type of flu, red blisters appear on the skin of children, sometimes they have started appearing in the shape of tomatoes. This is the reason why it is called tomato fever. Even though this disease is wreaking havoc in Kerala itself, other states also need to be alert.

Never make such a mistake

Tomato flu is a contagious disease that is decided by touch, so if someone is suffering from this disease around you, then keep a distance from him and especially do not allow children to come near the patient. This mistake can cost your child a lot.

Symptoms of Tomato Fever

- red blisters on the skin
- Irritation in the skin
- Joint pain
- running nose
- high fever
- abdominal cramps
- Vomiting
- Cough
- body pain
- sneeze
- Diarrhea
- Tiredness

How to avoid Tomato Fever?

  • Keep cleanliness inside and around your house
  • If the child has a red rash on his body, stop him from scratching it.
  • Keep your healthy children away from the infected patient and avoid using their things
  • Do not let the lack of water in the body of your beloved during the summer season, keep drinking fruit juices.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. Newscrab does not confirm this.)