Today's fashion tips: By putting the pin in the right place in the saree, you will get the perfect look, know where the safety will be


Safety Pin Styling Ideas For Saree: Women are fond of wearing saree, but often women do not wear saree just because they feel that they will not be able to handle the saree. Many a times women complain about the fear of dissolving the saree, the tension of spoiling the plates of the saree and looking fat in the saree. But a small safety pin comes in handy to get rid of all such problems. The safety pin not only does the job of handling the saree, but if the safety pin is placed in the right place, then the perfect look is also available. Half the problem of draping a saree is solved by pinning the safety pin correctly. If you are wearing very less saree and are wearing saree on a special occasion, then know about the whole process of saree draping and proper use of safety pins, so that the saree fits well and the saree is not spoiled. Let us know where the safety pin should be placed in the saree.


How to pin in saree plates
-Lower plates are made in the front of the saree. Making sari plates is a bit difficult for beginners. Therefore, with the help of safety pins, the plates of the saree can be handled by making them neatly. -Keep in mind how and where to place the safety pins when making the front lower plates.
-If you are starting to make the plates of the sari, then bring the sari from both the sides with a pin and pin it up. This will make it easier to make plates.
-Now make plates of sari. Equalize the plates together and set them well. Then put a pin in the plates from the inside. This will keep your plates stable.
-After making the sari plates, you can apply stylish sari pins from above. This will enhance the look of the saree.


How to pin up saree pallu
Even while draping the pallu of the saree, pinning it properly gives a perfect look. For this, place a pin on your shoulder by placing the pallu on that place. This shows the length of the pallu. While making the plates of the pallu, also put a pin to set it well.