Today's fashion: This hair style is of great use in summer, it will be ready even in sticky hair


Girls face the most problem during the summer season. The reason is from clothes to makeup and hairstyle, which should be something that not only looks stylish but also does not make it hot. Hair is the biggest problem in summer. Because heat and sweat make hair oily and sticky. In such a situation it is difficult to keep open hair. At the same time, no hairstyle is understood. If in the summer season, you are also in such a dilemma that which hairstyle to make other than pony tail. If you feel trendy, then definitely try the hairstyle. If the hair is looking sticky and dirty with sweat, then tie their low ponytail. This hairstyle will also look beautiful with ethnic wear. To make it, back-comb the hair and do a mid-parting. Then tie their low pony. After tying the pony, give it a straight look with a straightener or wavy curls. Both the looks will suit your mood and personality.


Twisted braid
These days this bread is very much in trend. From Kiara Advani to Ananya Pandey, she was seen carrying such a peak in a glamorous look. So if you are wearing western wear then feel free to try it. This will give a very trendy look. To make this, back comb all the hair and make a high pony. Then divide the hair into two parts and wrap them in each other. Finally fix it with the help of a band. To make this hairstyle perfect, set it with the help of a little hairspray. High bun is the most trendy way to look stylish by tying the hair in summer. Deepika Padukone is an inspiration when it comes to high buns. This type of bun is very easy to make and almost every girl definitely tries it in summers. It also gives a very trendy look.


Messi bun
Similarly, high messy bun or low messy bun can also be called the favorite hairstyle of summer. In the matter of making messy buns, inspiration can be taken from Deepika Padukone. Messy low buns are easy to make. Also, it gives a very beautiful and elegant look.