Today's fashion: If you want to look slim then try these accessories, the effect will be visible


Everyone has a desire to look thin. But this is not possible without gym and exercise. Although the fat will go away slowly. But if you want to show yourself in slim and perfect look. So can take help of some accessories and clothes. The right dressing style goes a long way in showing a slim look. So let's know how accessories affect your looks.


Jewelery not only gives a beautiful look to women. Rather, with its help, you can also look thin. Women who have wider waist. They should choose such a necklace which draws attention to the upper body part. If the necklace is heavy, then the attention will be less on the waist area. Along with this, if your bust area is heavy, then you should choose necklaces with long chains and pendants in them. So that people do not focus on the bust area and you look slim.


If you have small and fat hands, then you should rarely wear bangles, bracelets or bracelets. For such hands, only thin design bracelets are fine. Otherwise, everyone's attention goes towards the hands. On the other hand, if your hands are long and heavy, then you can wear a lot of bangles in them.


If you are the owner of a curvy figure, then the belt will work to make this type of body an hourgloss body. A thin belt of dark color works to make the wide waist appear slim. At the same time, with the help of a wide belt, it can also be shown slim.


Layering is essential
People say that layering with clothes makes obesity more understandable. But it is not so. If you wear t-shirt, top or kurta, then by layering shrug with all these, you can smartly make the look look slim. This is a very useful recipe.