Today's fashion: Choose earrings according to the shape of your face, you will look beautiful


Every woman has a hobby of jewelry. Especially of earrings, which girls to women like to wear. At the same time, there are many designs of earrings available in the market. The ones that look so beautiful that just the heart wants to buy. But sometimes these earrings look as beautiful as they look. Doesn't look so beautiful to wear. The reason for this is Shep. If there are no earrings according to the shape of the face, then they will not fit at all. So let's know which earrings will look perfect according to your face.


Oval shape
Oval shaped face looks perfect. Girls with this face shape can wear earrings with all kinds of designs. If you wear earrings with oval shape design. Then you will look more beautiful. At the same time, teardrop earrings also look amazing on them. Apart from this, girls of oval shape will feel stylish by wearing earrings to studs.


Round shape
If your face is round shape, then choose earrings very carefully. So that it looks beautiful on you. In this type of face both the length and width are equal. In such a situation, they should choose hanging earrings. Such as danglers, long earrings. Along with this, women of round shape should not wear earrings, circular earrings, studs at all.


Square face
Square face type people have equal face length and width. Also the jaw line is wide. In such a situation, to give a soft look to the face, choose earrings with rounded edges. Also, hoop earrings, long as well as oval earrings will look beautiful on them.


Diamond shape
In the face of diamond shape, the area near the chin is very thin. Also the cheeks are less. Teardrops and earrings with danglers suit such a face. If girls with such a face wear heavy earrings. So their look looks very cool.


Rectangular face
Women whose face is rectangular. Chunky earrings, circular earrings look great on them.