Today's Kitchen: Prepare Crispy Chips with Chana Dal, the recipe is easy


He loves to eat some crispy snacks with tea every day. In such a situation, you can prepare these chips from gram dal. These chips are also perfect for tea time when guests arrive. Crispy and crunchy these chips are not harmful for health either. Because there is a lot of fat and calories in the chips of the market. So let's know what is the recipe of making chips.


Chip making material
One hundred grams of gram lentils, water, fifty grams of semolina, fifty grams of wheat flour, chaat masala, black pepper, two cups of oil, salt to taste, half a teaspoon of cumin, red chili powder, a pinch of baking soda.


How to make Chana Dal Chips
-To make gram dal chips, first of all soak the gram dal overnight. The next day in the morning filter its water and keep it. Put it in the grinder and grind it. Take out this ground paste in a vessel and keep it. Then add semolina, wheat flour and knead it. If there is a problem in kneading the dough then add water.

-Now add a pinch of baking soda to it. Add a spoonful of black pepper, red chili powder together. Add salt as per taste and knead all the ingredients well. Then place this dough on a flat surface and roll it like a roti. If it is sticking in the rolling, then put some dry flour on it.

-Then cut this roti in the shape of chips. Heat oil in a pan. When the oil becomes hot, fry all these chips till they become golden. Now serve these chips with any dip. Perfect snack for tea time when guests arrive. You use mayonnaise to prepare the dip.